Do It For The Trees


It would be a crime for a blogger such as I not to post something welcoming in the new year, as momentous as it is (apparently). To me it feels like another Sunday afternoon at home with my daughter curled up sleeping in her pyjamas on the settee, the roast stewing in the oven and my hand straying to ash tray, my mind biting it every time it gets too close.

I feel the same as I did yesterday and probably will feel the same tomorrow, and this Christmas was one without incident, something I take a great deal of comfort in. Nothing, aside from the date, has really changed. The trees are still where they were and as the years pass I notice something terribly unsettling but equally awe inspiring at the same time. The world never changes, only the people that live within in.

As this time of year is one for reminiscing I recall the morning I gave birth to my daughter. It was grey, as today is, but dry (very much unlike today). I sat on the step outside of the hospital with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Giving up smoking also inclines me to recall how utopian that first cigarette after nine long months of pregnancy and then ironically enough, almost exactly nine long hours of labour, actually was.

I remember sitting in my pyjamas, a new mother, while my husband sat upstairs with our new daughter. I looked at the trees that lined the walkways of the hospital and bordered the immaculate lawns. I then tried to picture how many births, deaths, near misses and absolute tragedies that those trees had witnessed in what could have been a hundred years or more, standing where they did.

I then thought of how the things they had witnessed had impacted them, personifying them if you will. If a human being had stood for a hundred years, powerless to witness the most intense joys and gut wrenching heart aches, the signs of such a life would prevail. Human beings are ultimately weak organisms that see such superfluous notions as a new year dawning as a reason to celebrate.

So with this short but sweet New Year’s message to all my readers (the whole seven of you that read this shit) I would like to wish the best for the year to reign and all the happiness you can handle. I also ask that you, such as I, remember the trees, strapped to the spot, unable to change the course of fate unlike we as human beings can.

As Ghandi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and although I don’t agree with his methods, the dude came out with some pretty good one liners. Remember that you are not trees and when smiles or sadness are laid out before you, grab them, stuff them in your pocket and run with them. Take what you get this year with an open heart and a clear mind.

 If you don’t want to do it for yourselves, do it for the trees that would, if they could.

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